Our Mission

At Prosthetic & Orthotic Group, we believe people are our biggest asset. We are a company of people committed to caring for individuals and to continually improve our products, services, and the quality of care we provide to our patients. Our mission is to develop a company that focuses on issues that are important to our employees; family, education and monetary rewards. We strive to provide a work environment in line with the ethics and values of one’s personal life. Our company culture is based on a balance between these areas, which makes Prosthetic & Orthotic Group not only a great place to work, but also to grow as a person.

Our Vision

In any business plan, growth is an important factor to the continued development of the company. It is important to control and direct growth, and leverage it for everyone’s mutual benefit. Prosthetic & Orthotic Group understands this and is built for the challenge. We plan to grow the company by following these three basic guidelines:

People Make a Company

It is our vision to have the best people providing patient care, performing administration duties, manufacturing products and making decisions. People are the biggest asset of this company. We are a team and can only succeed by working together.

A Company Grows Through its Use of Technology

In today’s world, things can be done faster, developed and stored easier, and distributed without leaving your seat. We plan to utilize and develop technology to give our people an advantage in today’s environment. We can grow our company through technology without large capital expenditures and staff increases by utilizing computers and the Internet.

Efficiencies Elevate Our Company

Improve patient care and strengthen our financial position: “We work smarter not harder”. By working more efficiently, we are able to spend more time with patients, provide excellent care and develop the company while maintaining a reasonable workday.

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