Greeley Staff

Our practitioners are accustomed to delivering care in our offices or in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, and occasionally to a patient’s home. We are also available to deliver care 24/7. This level of service and expertise provides the highest standards of quality and care for you.

Kevin Burton CPO

Certified Prosthetist Orthotist

Kevin has been in the O&P field for 29 years. He first became interested in orthotics and prosthetics through his time volunteering with the Children’s Hospital Handicapped ski program.  In 1988 he started as a prosthetic technician.  With his engineering background from Montana State University, he excelled and was soon running the central fabrication for multiple Denver and surrounding area offices. After 6 years as a technician, Kevin attended O&P Assistance Program  at the Pittsburgh Institute of Technology in 1994 and began his work in patient care. He then went on to get his ABC prosthetic certification in 2000 and orthotic certification in 2004.  Working in the Denver area, he gained valuable experience working with many different practitioners and facilities.  In 2001, he teamed up and started Prosthetic & Orthotic Group of Northern Colorado in Fort Collins.  Since then, the company has grown to specialize in pediatric care in both orthotics and prosthetics. He also has a Residency Program through ABC and has trained several residents who have gone on to become certified practitioners.


In his spare time, Kevin has been a single parent of 3 teenage girls.  He has seen his oldest, Shaina (21) graduate from Azusa Pacific University and is planning to attend P.A. School next fall. Nicole (19) is now attending Azusa Pacific University and is studying Allied Health and plans to graduate in 2019. His youngest keeps him most busy. Ryanna (16) is involved in many sports and school activities.  Other than that, he loves to travel and work around the home.

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