Pediatrics Information

Understanding the functional needs of children is at the core of our pediatric care. We work closely with families, therapists and care providers to ensure intervention success in both pediatric prosthetics and orthotics. Providing everything from cranial remolding orthoses to dynamic AFOs and SWASH devices, we are knowledgable and passionate about caring for children.

Specific Pediatric Services Include:

Cranial Remolding Orthoses

Lower Extremity Care

  • SWASH Orthoses
  • Pavlik Harness
  • HKAFOs
  • KAFOs and AFOs
  • Night Splints and Management of High Tone
  • SMAFOs, SMOs and UCBLs
  • Dennis Brown Splint Orthosis
  • Foot Orthoses

Upper Extremity Care

  • Contracture Wrist & Elbow Orthoses
  • WHOs
  • Fracture Management

Spinal Care

  • Scoliosis Management
  • Positional Bracing
  • Fracture Care
  • Postural Devices

Pediatrics Certification

We strive to utilize the latest technology to provide our patients with an advantage in today’s environment. In order to do so, our practitioners have certifications:

Lower Limb Orthotics

  • Cascade DAFO
  • SureStep
  • Allard SWASH Orthoses


  • STARband/STARlight
  • STARscanner/SmartSoc


  • Boston 3D Scoliosis Orthosis
  • Rigo Cheneau Scoliosis Orthosis
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